Paimore Digital Perm 形狀記憶

Paimore Digital Perm 形狀記憶

Since the 1970’s the word ‘perm’ conjures up images of wet looks, poodle curls and hairdresser disasters. The old style ‘cold perm’ was limited in how it could be executed and fraught with potential problems. However, the new Digital Perm™ 形狀記憶 promises to bring the curl out of the closet with a high tech makeover.


Thomas Ling has been doing Paimore Digital Perm 形狀記憶 since 2005.

Digital perming 形狀記憶 is a new curling technique that originated in Japan and is now becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Using chemicals to change the structure of the hair isn’t new, but unlike a traditional perm, Digital Perming 形狀記憶 uses a refined chemical process along with digitally controlled thermal heating. Electric rollers are individually connected to a special unit which uses infra-red heat to help ‘set’ the curl memory.

Unlike the old style perm, digital curls are most prominent when dry, which reduces the need for heat styling, and the curls produced using the digital process are larger and softer, which is more in keeping with current hair trends. The treatment isn’t just for poker straight hair, those with coarse, frizz prone curls can turn to this treatment to smooth and relax their hair into more manageable waves. Results last for approximately six months.